Saturday, May 17, 2014

French Films...and Khloe

Yesterday, Kenzi and I took Khloe to her first concert. French Films (one of her top 3 favorite bands....favorite Finnish band) was playing at Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki. So, we made an afternoon/evening out of it. As first concerts go, I'd say it was definitely a success. She loved it and has been talking about it non-stop today. 

My own French Films history goes back 2 years when I got their first cd (not their EP, which came before), Imaginary Future. As someone who worships Johnny Marr, I'm a complete sucker for melodic guitar, so this band is just heaven for me. After this, I saw them at RuisRock and then once again the same summer when they played at a club here in Tampere. (This is also when Khloe started loving them, as I played the cd all the time in the car and the catchy lyrics were easy for a 6-year-old to pick up and sing along to.)

They released their White Orchid cd last year in April and it was a sophomore cd that did not disappoint. (I really thought I couldn't love another cd as much as I did Imaginary Future.) I was really thrilled when they played Tampere right away. But it ended up that we were not allowed to go!! By Khloe, that is. She was a little fed up with US seeing HER band without her. So, Kari and I were actually able to live stream the show, and I watched it drinking wine in my pjs :-)  (Khloe fell asleep, though her attempt to stay awake for it was definitely admirable!) We were really excited last summer to see that they were playing the Tall Ships race (all-ages show), but then Khloe got sick at the last minute. Oh the tears :-(

So, this concert was a long time coming for her, which sounds weird, since she's only 8, know :-)  Here are some of her thoughts afterwards: No, it wasn't too loud (she usually doesn't like "loud"); she noticed every song (except the new one) from the very beginning; the new guy has a really good voice too; why doesn't the keyboard player take off his sunglasses (ha ha!); and hmm.....which one is the cutest?? (They're very young so I felt super creepy taking part in THAT conversation, ha ha!) But my favorite comment was "Why did they speak Finnish between songs?" I guess because they sing in English, she just assumed :-)  So, she really didn't know until yesterday that she had a favorite FINNISH band.

So, if I could spread the French Films love, here are a couple of their videos and some pics from the show. You should really check them out. should! 

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